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La Mochila Verde is a non-profit entity composed by three partners from Barcelona, experts in tourism, social economy and new technologies: Tomás Ibáñez, Uwe Schneider and Germán Bentancur. For them it is possible to travel in a different way that does not imply a higher cost. This entity was born along with an app for smartphones.

Spain represents one of the countries with the biggest tourist sector, with nearly 100 million of international visitors and 150 millions of internal trips. Nevertheless, the effects of these movements, like the concentration of benefits in a few companies or the social and environmental impacts that local inhabitants suffer are not often taken into account. As Uwe says, “it is important for us to highlight the efforts of many people and companies to offer respectful proposals with environment and local economy. As travellers we saw it necessary to create a meeting point between responsible tourists and tourist sustainable initiatives and that is what we are doing”.

They decided to create then an internet portal that allows travellers to find sustainable proposals for their holidays: WECOPLAN.

Wecoplan is a communication tool developed by La Mochila Verde del Turismo Responsable (The greem bag of responsible tourism, in English) which was born to Foster leisure activities and memorable travels, which do not risk our shared inheritance and respect the common good.

The developers love traveling and after years working in different fields of the tourist sector, they realised that it was necessary to start doing things in a different way. This new way must allow people, environment, respect and social justice gain strength when managing tourist services. They designed Wecoplan as a meeting point for:

allow people, environment, respect and social justice gain strength when managing tourist services. They designed Wecoplan as a meeting point for:

  • People interested in leaving a positive ecological footprint in both their daily lives and in their travel destinations.
  • Professionals who work in leisure or travelling fields and develop their activities in an ethic and responsible way.

They want to tell the stories of those firms and local projects that give services to visitors at the same time that take care of the territory. They offer:

  • Accommodation of hosts that offer efficient services.
  • Restaurants where you can enjoy local products, the tastiest and healthiest products.
  • Cultural, natural, sport or creative activities to enjoy the visited places.
  • Local and artisan producers who guard the land and delight visitors with the best local products

They also want to help those firms who wish to do things better. They work to transfer all the solutions that allows them to create profitable and efficient products and services; reduce their pollution and their carbon footprint; efficiently manage wastes; contribute to the welfare of their localities; commercialize in a fair way; and, any other innovation that helps to create better places to live and better places to visit.



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