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Salento by bike


Salento by bike

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Salento Bici Tour is a Social Promotion Association born in 2011 from the idea and passion of two young people from Salento (southern Puglia region).

They contribute to the diffusion of the bicycle as a means of locomotion to develop cycle tourism in Salento, to stimulate a critical knowledge of the territory and the landscape, to support and give visibility to virtuous local companies and realities. They are promoters of a lifestyle focused on reducing consumption, energy and more, to put a stop to the excessive use of the car, the offenses against the landscape, the productivity philosophies that damage the environment and people's health.





For example, they propose an Eco-gastronomic bike tour including cooking classes as outlined below:

“We leave in the morning from the village of Gallipoli, a town located in southern Puglia, overlooking the Ionian Sea. In a few kilometers you reach Alezio (an ancient Messapian city, where  there is an interesting museum on pre-Roman civilizations) then Sannicola. Pedalling on secondary country roads, among olive trees and dry stone walls, you reach "Tenuta Mamma Anna" - a family-run farmhouse where the cooking class will take place.

The products are collected in the family garden and then you can prepare: "pitta di potatoes" (a kind of potato gateau, stuffed with tomatoes, olives, capers, onion and tuna), "pittule" (small balls of fried dough , stuffed with tomatoes and capers, or empty to taste with honey) and hand-made orecchiette (a typical local pasta, in the shape of an ear, which is prepared with fingers and a knife), the "pasticciotto cake" (a pastry based on shortcrust pastry, filled with Chantilly cream), are some of the dishes that will be prepared all together. Following the family lunch, on the way back, we will visit the baroque city of Galatone and the "radio museum" of Tuglie. The route is easy and suitable for everyone, with the possibility of an electric bike.”




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