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A hotel by a beautiful lake


A hotel by a beautiful lake

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 "We are always trying to improve ourselves“

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn stands next to the unique and beautiful lake Myvatn in northern Iceland. It opened its doors to customers in the summer of 2018.  The hotel is a part the Icelandair Group that runs 13 hotels in Iceland. The Icelandair hotels have made an environmental policy and have achieved international environmental certification ISO 14001 and therefore get an independent assessment every year.

The hotel by Myvatn is a Green Hotel which means the hotel has one staff member who ensures that the environmental policy is executed correctly and oversees improved hotel practices.



Improved practices:

  • As the hotel is by lake Myvatn, that has a unique and sensitive ecosystem, it has invested in first-rate sewerage system along with other companies and the authorities in the area. The drainage is used for soil reclamation in a nearby desert.
  • If guests are staying more than one night at the hotel they are asked at the check in if they would like to get an invoice at the bar or restaurant instead of room cleaning after the first night.
  • All contractors have to show that their waste disposal is environmentally friendly. If they are not able to do that, they will have to pay the hotel to do it for them.
  • All suppliers must have an environmental policy
  • The chef is looking into ways to use even more food produced in the area.
  • The hotel is changing their teabags as they have realized that the ones they have been using have nylon thread and are non-biodegradable.
  • The hotel tries to give old furniture to other hotels within the hotel chain or the furniture is given away to residents in the local community.
  • The hotel handles all toxics carefully and stores them properly. There is an action plan for pollution prevention if something spills that is dangerous for the environment.
  • A charging station for electric cars is in front of the hotel.
  • The hotel is replacing all lightbulbs with LED ones and all batteries for rechargeable ones.
  • They would like to communicate better with the customers on what work they are doing towards sustainability.
  • The staff is encouraged to come up with ideas on what may be improved.
  • The hotel has training lectures for the staff regularly about the environmental policy and the recycling. A monthly report about the work towards the environmental policy is displayed in the staff room.



At the hotel rooms there are only small rubbish bins in the bathrooms. Aside from that there are sorting/recycling bins in all corridors. The hotel sorts all paper/cardboards, plastic and metal. Organic waste is recycled; cooking oil, glass, dishes, lightbulbs, batteries and toxic waste is discarded in a proper manner.

The staff is working towards increasing the part of waste that is recycled. Now it is about 70% in a month. To make the work more fun and effective they have decided to celebrate the results every month. 60-70% of the waste for recycling means a night of beer tasting for the staff. Over 70% means a night at a hotel in the east of the country, dinner and a bath at a geothermal floating pool   (


Digital Sustainable Technology

The hotel uses the service of Klappir for an overview of their work towards sustainability. They provide digital software solutions and advisory services to empower businesses, municipalities, and governments to execute reliable sustainability work in a cost-efficient way.



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