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Cyprus Agrotourism Company


Cyprus Agrotourism Company

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The Cyprus Agrotourism Company CAC was established to promote sustainable tourism in Rural non-Touristic areas of Cyprus. The strategy of the CAC is to involve as many local stakeholders as possible, emphasis is given to villages with ageing population and far from economic centres of the island.

The company offers accommodation as well as events and experiences to explore the villages and it is immensely popular among the local and overseas tourism. It must be noted that during summer 2020 tourism in Cyprus was really decreased due to the Covid pandemic, but the CAC had increased numbers generated mainly from local travellers.

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The CAC is aiming to increase sustainable tourism in the remote areas. The company is subsidizing youth and returning population to engage in the project and is aiming to create a network in the rural areas by:

Quality over quantity:

  • promote quality products and experiences across rural Cyprus
  • formulate a joint manifesto for sustainable tourism development
  • formulate a strategy for developing and implementing certification programmes
  • launch new marketing initiatives

Tourism, all year round

  • promote events and regional fares to gain tourism in the non-touristic season
  • optimise and develop the tourism infrastructure in select locations

Knowledge and professionalisation

  • calculate the economic impact of tourism
  • work to establish the tourism carrying capacity
  • map the digital behaviour of our visitors before, during and after their stay

A common legislative framework

  • work for better, more contemporary regulations
  • advocate for the introduction of a Nature Preservation Fee
  • actively support the prioritisation of nature and animal preservation