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The Bush Hotel – Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland


The Bush Hotel – Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland

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The Bush Hotel is a family owned boutique hotel with 60-bedrooms.  It is one of the oldest hotels in Ireland being in existence for 220 years.  The hotel is located in the heart of Carrick-on-Shannon in Co. Leitrim, which is one of the most rural counties in Ireland within walking distance of numerous activities, attractions and entertainment.  The hotel backs onto the town and River Shannon marina, parks and walks.

The hotel is widely recognised for its environmental sustainability, being the first hotel in Ireland and the UK to be awarded the EU EcoLabel for exceptional environmental management.

Indeed, in the 1900’s the hotel was self-sufficient in the majority of their food provisions for their guests with any access being sold to people in the local community in the hotel shop. The hotel was heated by wood fires and low-grade coal.  It had a very low-carbon footprint without even knowing it.  The current owner of the hotel has been there for the past 25 years and is truly returning the hotel to a low-carbon, environmentally and socially conscious hotel.

Sustainable and Environmental Practices

The hotel has an environmental policy statement on their website.  They have also designed a guest brochure on their environmental and sustainable practices and this is available on their website

Their ultimate goal is to establish and differentiate the Bush Hotel as an organisation with exceptionally good environmental practices that has minimised the harmful effects and maximised the beneficial effects of it's activities on our environment and has recognised and fulfilled an important role in protecting and enhancing our environment for future generations.

The hotel provide training for staff, majority of who are from the local area, on sustainable tourism practices and reducing, reusing and recycling waste.  Guests are encouraged to dispose of rubbish in bins around the hotel and this is then segregated by the staff.  They recover 90% of their cooking oil and have eliminated individually packaged toiletries and individually packaged portions of butter, preserves, salts, sugar etc. However, due to COVID they have had to reintroduce these individually packaged products but will remove again once it is safe to do so.

The Bush Hotel pride themselves on their agreed environmental code of practise with their suppliers.  They work as much as possible with local producers of food and suppliers to reduce waste but have a policy where suppliers must take back all packaging when deliveries are made.  They source their products from suppliers with minimal packaging as much as possible.

The Bush Hotel are very involved in the local community and support many local charities and voluntary groups.  They see this as an important part of their business and doing business in a local community.

The hotel also work with other tourism providers in the local area and have joined up with local bike hire operators to encourage guests to cycle to other amenities and attractions in the area.  They also encourage the use of public transport and have electric car charging points in their car park.  This allows tourists from abroad hire electric cars at the airport when they arrive and have peace of mind they will have somewhere to charge the car during their stay.



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